Learning Japanese

  • Asunaro
    You can check the sentence/phrase structures of Japanese texts along with the reading and the definition of some Japanese words.
  • Lesson/J
    Dictation quizzes for Japanese speech (word and phrase level).
  • Rikai.com
    Wonderful online dictionary for your web search! When you move your mouse over kanji, you see the reading in hiragana and English translations.
  • Strategy Instruction for Japanese Students
    This URL gives helpful ideas to teach Japanese learning strategies.

Japanese Media

Japanese Literature

Reference and Research

Internship Opportunities

Overseas Studies (Japanese)

Georgetown Sponsored Programs

Students may apply to the Georgetown-sponsored programs through the Office of International Programs.

International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)

Keiko University (Tokyo, Japan)

Nanzan University (Nagoya, Japan)

Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan)

Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)