Korean - Comprehensive

Below is a comprehensive listing of all Korean courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures.

 Course No.  Course Title
 KREN-011  Intensive First Level Korean I (6)
 KREN-012  Intensive First Level Korean II (6)
 KREN-111  Intensive Second Level Korean I (6)
 KREN-112  Intensive Second Level Korean II (6)
 KREN-211  Third Level Korean I (3)
 KREN-212  Third Level Korean II (3)

 Introduction to Korean Culture (3)

 KREN-310  Advanced Oral Communication (3)

 Integrated Advanced Korean


 Business Korean (3)

 KREN-331  Korean Current Affairs  (3)

 Gender and Sexuality in Korean Culture

 KREN-358  Cultures of Modernization in East Asia (3)
 KREN-361  Korean Narratives: Film & Lit (3)