The Korean program combines spoken and written Korean language with the development of Korean cultural phenomena including classical and pre-modern literature (1900-1945), and historical aspects of thought and modern social issues. These courses are conducted in Korean with readings in Korean.

Korean begins with language work and proceeds through advanced coursework in language and culture, classical and pre-modern literature, and modern social issues. In addition to courses offered by this department, a wide variety of Asian studies courses are available through other departments.

Korean Minor

Students majoring in other fields, particularly those involving Asian studies, are encouraged to consider a minor in Korean. The Korean minor requires seven courses, at least six of which must be Korean language courses or advanced courses conducted in Korean. The seventh course may be taught in either Korean or English and must have Korean literature, culture/civilization, or linguistics as a substantial component.  Since the Korean minor is a seven course minor instead of the usual six, one course may be double-counted toward another major or minor.

Study Abroad

Students who want to study abroad in Korea should first contact the Office of Global Education for information about Georgetown sponsored study-abroad programs in South Korea. The Georgetown sponsored study-abroad program in Korea is: Yonsei University (CIEE).