In order to apply for one of our Chinese Teaching Assistant positions:

  1. Download the Chinese Teaching Assistant Application Form OR pick up at the EALC department front desk (ICC 306).
  2. Fill out the form with black pen/ no pencil.
  3. Scan or take a picture of the application and email to the department administrator: Jonelle Daley (jmd380) with file naming convention –> Last name, First name_NetId (example: Daley, Jonelle_jmd380)
  4. Professors will contact you directly if they are interested in scheduling an interview.

Learning Chinese

  • Chinese Language Information Page
    A comprehensive navigational tool pointing you to Chinese language related resources.
    Chinese-related web pages with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers.
  • Learning Chinese Online
    This web site, created and maintained by Dr. Xie Tianwei, contains good information on learning Chinese at all levels.
  • Marjorie Chan’s ChinaLinks
    This site has annotated links to over six hundred China-and Chinese language and linguistics-related websites (and a few ftp and gopher sites). The links have been selected and annotated with the aim of directing graduate and undergraduate students in Chinese — as well as colleagues and other interested scholars — to some useful internet resources.
  • Resources for Modern Chinese Literature & Culture
    This resource center contains, among other things, bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture and is maintained by Kirk A. Denton and Thomas Chan at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University.

Overseas Studies (Chinese)

Georgetown-Sponsored Programs

Students should apply to these Georgetown-sponsored programs through the Office of Global Education.

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)

  • Semester and academic year programs in Beijing (at Peking University), Nanjing (at Nanjing University), Shanghai (at East China Normal University) and Taipei (at National Chengchi University). Summer programs in Beijing and Shanghai. The Shanghai and Taipei programs include a variety of Chinese studies courses in English in addition to language classes. For more visit The Council on International Educational Exchange’s website.


  • Semester and summer programs at the Harbin Institute of Technology, including one-on-one tutorials with local professors on topics of the student’s choice. For more info visit CET Academic Programs.

The Beijing Center for Language and Culture

  • Fall, Spring, and Summer programs in Beijing, offering Chinese studies courses and in English as well as language courses. Less emphasis on language than the above programs. For more info visit The Beijing Center for Language and Culture.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Fall, spring, and academic year programs in Hong Kong, offering Mandarin training and business courses. For more info:

ACC (Associated Colleges in China)

  • Semester, academic year, and summer programs in Beijing. Offers a highly structured curriculum with small classes, primarily for undergraduates. For more info visit the Associated Colleges in China.

Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad

  • Semeseter and academic year programs in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Kunming, Yunnan. Both programs provide Chinese-only curriculum, comprehensive language pledge, one-on-one tutorial and Chinese roommates. For more information visit Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Aborad.

Independent Programs

Students may apply directly to these programs, in consultation with the Office of Global Education. As for Independent Petition, OGE generally advises against encouraging students to do that, as they only accept rare cases that show a specific need that cannot be fulfilled by our many programs. 

Georgetown students have successfully attended all of the programs below for credit.

IUP (Inter-University Program)

  • Academic year and summer programs in Beijing. Offers one-on-one and very small group classes for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. For more info visit the Inter-University Program.

Princeton in Beijing

  • Summer program in Beijing. A rigorous intensive program using Princeton’s texts. For more info visit Princeton in Beijing.

International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University

  • Offers one-on-one and very small group classes. (This used to be the site of the IUP program listed above, and retains IUP’s effective structure). For more info visit the International Chinese Language Program page.

Graduate Programs

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies
Offers a one-year graduate level certificate program, and two-year M.A. program in International Studies, and a certificate SAIS/MA program combinging study in Nanjing and Washington DC . American students studying in Chinese are paired with Chinese roommates studying in English. For more info visit Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese American Studies.