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Giving students a comprehensive understanding of the languages and cultures of East Asia.

Departmental Learning Goals

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Chinese and Japanese language majors were established at Georgetown University in 1949. Today the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures includes majors and minors in Chinese and Japanese, as well as minors in Korean.  We offer some of the most rigorous Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language training in the country. In addition to three-year sequences of structured intensive instruction, the department has a large variety of advanced electives taught in the target languages. Many of our students, and all of our majors, spend a semester or a year abroad at one of our partner institutions in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea, where they receive further intensive language instruction and benefit from immersion in the culture.

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures is more than a language program. It offers students comprehensive exposure to the cultures of East Asia.  Upper-level courses conducted in the target languages cover a wide range of topics, including traditional and modern literature, cultural and philosophical texts, and business and economic affairs.  In addition, our course offerings in English introduce a wider student body to aspects of East Asian culture including literature (from ancient to contemporary), film and anime, linguistics, Catholicism in Japan, and East Asian urbanism and food cultures.

Department Chair, Philip J. Ivanhoe

Department Administrator, Jonelle Daley
(202) 687-5918

Chinese Language Coordinator, Fei Ren
(202) 687-8347

Japanese Language Coordinator, Yoshiko Mori
(202) 687-5098

Korean Language Coordinator, Min Koo Choi
(202) 687-3955


Spring 2023 Korean Proficiency Exam

March 14th, 2023

한국어 능력 시험 March 29-31, 2023 BSFS/MSFS/MASIA/MSB/IBD Students Sign up here by Monday, March 27, 2023 Inquiries: Prof. Min Koo Choi at…

S2023 SFS Chinese Proficiency Exam

February 28th, 2023

The SFS Chinese oral proficiency exam has been scheduled for 3/15/23 (Wednesday) through 3/31/23 (Friday). Sign up here The oral test will be conducted via Zoom…

S2023 Chinese Placement Test Schedule

December 3rd, 2022

The Chinese online placement test (Part I) for Spring 2023 will be available on Canvas from 12/12/2022 (Monday) through 1/11/2023 (Wednesday). The spoken confirmation test (Part…

Fall 2022 Korean Proficiency Exam

October 11th, 2022

한국어 능력 시험 October 26-28, 2022 BSFS/MSFS/MASIA/MSB/IBD Students Register here Sign up by Tuesday, October 25, 2022 Inquiries: Prof. Min Koo Choi at…