Learning Japanese

  • Asunaro
    You can check the sentence/phrase structures of Japanese texts along with the reading and the definition of some Japanese words.
  • Lesson/J
    Dictation quizzes for Japanese speech (word and phrase level).
  • Rikai.com
    Wonderful online dictionary for your web search! When you move your mouse over kanji, you see the reading in hiragana and English translations.
  • Strategy Instruction for Japanese Students
    This URL gives helpful ideas to teach Japanese learning strategies.

Japanese Media

Japanese Literature

Reference and Research

Internship/ Career Opportunities

The JASWDC is seeking a Program Manager for Japan Bowl and the Japanese Language Public Relations

Overseas Studies (Japanese)

Georgetown Sponsored Programs

Students may apply to the Georgetown-sponsored programs through the Office of Global Education.

International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)

Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)

Nanzan University (Nagoya, Japan)

Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan)

Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)