17th Chinese Bridge Language Competition

Students competing at the Chinese Bridge Language Competition.

Raphael Angieri (李少轩, SFS senior and currently a TA for first year Chinese) and Aaron Baum (白翱荣, SFS sophomore currently taking 4th year Chinese), competed in the 17th Chinese Bridge Language Competition held at the University of Maryland.

Participants traveled from seven states and the District of Columbia to participate in the event. After five hours of speeches in Chinese, cultural performances, and trivia questions on Chinese history, language, and society, Raphael and Aaron demonstrated the strength of Georgetown’s Chinese language program by placing 1st and 3rd, respectively.

Raphael will be travelling to Beijing this summer to compete with 1st place winners from countries across the globe. 

Congratulations to Raphael and Aaron, to our Chinese program and to our faculty coaches this year, Peng Wang and Lihong Huang!

Special thanks goes to Fei Ren for her coordination of the students’ application, to our faculty’s teaching and coaching, and to Jingyuan Zhang for her guidance of the Chinese program and her support to our students.