[ICU] Language Buddies 2023 Autumn

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Dear Japanese Language Students,

For those who would like to improve their English or Japanese proficiency as well as interact with international students, we would like to offer an online language exchange program, “Language Buddies”.

Language Buddies
A Japanese learner will be matched with an English learner at ICU, and communicate with your partner in English and Japanese. The activity period is from September-October to February. Please decide when you will have sessions by yourselves. After reading the attached documents of the program, please apply from the online form below;

Language Buddies Application Form (new window)

英語力や日本語力を向上させたい、海外の学生と交流したいICU生の皆さんに、オンラインで交流ができるLanguage Buddiesをご案内します。

Language Buddies


Language Buddies応募フォーム (new window)