Spring 2022 Chinese Placement Test

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The Chinese online placement test (Part I) for Spring 2022 will be available on Canvas from 12/13/2021 (Monday) through 1/12/2022 (Wednesday).

The spoken confirmation test (Part II) will be administrated by your Chinese professor for the spring semester.

The writing confirmation test (Part II) will be conducted via Zoom on Monday, January 10th, 2022. Additional information about the test schedule and format is available on the online placement test site in Canvas that will open on 12/13/2021.

Students are encouraged to complete the online test as early as possible. For students who want to placeĀ out of the College or SFS Language Requirement the online placement test must be completed before Monday, January 10th.

For additional questions, contact the Chinese language coordinator Professor Fei Ren (fr94@georgetown.edu).