Spring 2022 Korean Proficiency Exam

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Sign up by Tuesday, April 5th, 2022


Inquiries: Prof. Min Koo Choi at mc1783@georgetown.edu


•The Proficiency Exam is only for SFS/MSFS/MASIA students, students in the IBD program, and those MSB students in the International Business program who are required to take it.

•The format of the proficiency exam is an oral test based on the news article that you will read before the exam. The student will be asked to summarize the article and answer the questions about its content and language. So read the article and examine the words and expressions of the article thoroughly. You may consult a dictionary when preparing for the exam, but should not discuss the exam material with anybody by any means. The exam itself lasts approximately 20 minutes.

•The first exam, scheduled within the departmental deadlines, will be administered without charge. An additional exam, whether the result of failure to pass or absence from a scheduled exam, will also result in a charge of $25.00 in cash.

•If you graduated from a high school where Korean is the language of instruction, you should contact your Deans to request a native speaker certification and an exemption from the proficiency test.

Important to note

  1. In order to avoid in-person and face-to-face interaction due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Korean program will conduct the proficiency exam through Zoom.
  2. The reading material for the exam will be sent to you via email (3) hours before the exam time you have signed up for.
  3. You will receive the invitation to the Zoom conference via email for your proficiency exam by your tester right before the test.
  4. Prepare your Student I.D. Before you start the exam, you will be asked to show your student I.D. and its information to the tester through Zoom screen.