CET-Harbin Study Abroad Visit

On September 27 the Office of International Programs and Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures hosted a delegation representing the CET-Harbin study abroad program and its host institution the Harbin Institute of Technology. Over the years, many of our Chinese language students have studied in Harbin on the CET program. Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China, offers both a Mandarin-speaking environment and a rich history with notable Russian and Korean influences. (In the early 20th century the Russian population outnumbered the Chinese population, and there was a substantial Jewish community.) One of the strengths of the rigorous CET-Harbin program is that it offers customized one-on-one tutorials on topics chosen by the students, taught by local university faculty members. For more on the program, see http://cetacademicprograms.com/programs/china/chinese-language-harbin-china/