Chinese- Fall 2019

Below is a list of Chinese courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures for the Fall 2019 semester.

Course No.

Course Title (credits)


CHIN- 011

Intensive First Level Chinese I (6)

W. Li, Y. Yang, P. Yu

CHIN- 013

Intensive First Level Chinese: Advanced Beginner (6)

P. Wang

CHIN- 111

Intensive Second Level Chinese I (6)

J. Hsiao, L. Huang,  M. Coss

CHIN- 211

Third Level Chinese I (6)

Y. Sun, Y. Yang

CHIN- 311

Integrated Advanced Chinese I (3)

F. Ren


Advanced Oral Communication (3)

J. Hsiao

CHIN- 321

Business Chinese I (3)

P. Wang

CHIN- 362

Intro to Classical Chinese (3)

P. Kafalas

CHIN- 391

Intro to Chinese Linguistics (3)

F. Ren

CHIN- 459

Senior Seminar (3)

P. Kafalas

Course No.

Course Title (credits)


CHIN- 024

East Asia: Texts & Contexts (3)

J. Sand

CHIN- 325

Adv. Readings in Chinese (3)

W. Li

CHIN- 326

Modern Chinese Lit & Society (3)

W. Li