Chinese- Spring 2017

Below is a list of Chinese courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures for the Fall 2016 semester.

Course No.Course TitleFaculty
CHIN- 012Intensive First Level Chinese II (6)W. Li, J. Hsiao
CHIN- 024East Asia: Texts & Contexts (3)P. Kafalas
CHIN- 112Intensive Second Level Chinese II (6)D. Qi, Y. Yang, P. Yu, L. Huang
CHIN- 114Intensive Second Level Chinese: Advanced Beginner (6)P. Wang
CHIN- 212Third Level Chinese II (3)L. Huang, P. Yu, C. Lin
CHIN- 312Integrated Advanced Chinese II (3)C. Lin
CHIN- 313Advanced Oral Communication (3)C. Lin
CHIN- 322Business Chinese II (3)P. Wang
CHIN- 331Topics in Current AffairsF. Rei
CHIN- 352Images of Women: Contemporary Chinese Film (3)J. Zhang
CHIN- 360Chinese Literary Dream Texts (3)P. Kafalas
CHIN- 364Chinese in Diplomatic Discourse (3)L. Huang