2017 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Language Speech Contest

EALAC Students at the Jiangsu Cup Chinese Language Speech Contest.
Raphael Angieri (Gold), Jaebok Lee (Gold), Sarah Mack (Silver), and Parker Malarkey (Bronze).

(10/29/017) Georgetown University East Asian Languages students shined again at the 2017 (the 7th) Jiangsu Cup Chinese Language Speech Contest co-sponsored by the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University, the Confucius Institute at GW as well as Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center and Nanjing University. 

Fifteen students from nine universities in and around the Washington area participated in the final round of the contest at George Washington University.  Four students represented for Georgetown University: Raphael Angieri (李少轩, SFS senior, TA for first year Chinese), Jaebok Lee (李在馥, SFS sophomore, 4th year Chinese),  Parker Malarkey (马佩东, SFS junior, 4th year Chinese) and Sarah Mack (孟欣怡, SFS junior, 4th year Chinese).

After over four hours of competition, Raphael and Jaebok won the two gold awards, Sarah won one of the six silver awards and Parker won one of the seven bronze awards. 

Winners of the gold award will receive a full scholarship to complete a Master’s degree at Nanjing U (2-3 yrs) and the scholarship also includes a monthly living stipend. They can also choose to go on a fully-funded “Eight Day Tour in Jiangsu Province” in the summer of 2018. Winners of the silver award can go on the fully funded “Eight Day Tour in Jiangsu Province” in the summer of 2018 or a fully- funded semester of studying Chinese language at Nanjing U. Bronze award winners will receive a scholarship to study Chinese language on a three-week summer program at Nanjing U. 

Kudos to our excellent students, and perhaps even more to our dedicated excellent faculty coaches this year, Hsiao Laoshi, Lin Laoshi, Yang Laoshi and Yu Laoshi, and of course Ren Laoshi!