Japanese – Comprehensive

Below is a comprehensive listing of all Japanese courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures.

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Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.

 Course No. Course Title
 JAPN-011 Intensive First Level Japanese I (6)
 JAPN-012 Intensive First Level Japanese II (6)
 JAPN-024 East Asia: Texts and Contexts (3)
 JAPN-111 Intensive Second Level Japanese I (6)
 JAPN-112 Intensive Second Level Japanese II (6)
 JAPN-211 Third Level Japanese I (3)
 JAPN-212 Third Level Japanese II (3)
 JAPN-311 Integrative Advanced Japanese  (3)
 JAPN-314 Advanced Oral Communication (3)
JAPN-316Japanese through Pop Culture (3)
 JAPN-322Business Japanese  (3)
 JAPN-334Media Japanese (3)
 JAPN-349Catholicism in Japanese Culture (3)
JAPN-359Readings in Political Culture (3)
 JAPN-362Bungo: Literary Japanese (3)
 JAPN-365Modern Japanese Short Stories (3)
 JAPN-372Readings in Language and Culture (3)
 JAPN-391Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3)
 JAPN-392Issues in Acquisition of Japanese (3)
 JAPN-406Endo Shusaku (3)
 JAPN-412Japanese Anime Film (3)
 JAPN-422Japanese in Social Context (3)
 JAPN-425Topics in Kanji Learning (3)
 JAPN-430Japanese Nationalism (3)
 JAPN-459Senior Seminar (3)