Japanese – Fall 2014

The courses below will tentatively be offered during Fall 2014.

 Course No.  Course Title  Faculty
 HIST-124  History of Japan I (3)  H. Spendelow
 JAPN-011  Intensive First Level Japanese I (6)  K. Sato
 JAPN-111  Intensive Second Level Japanese I (6)  M. Omori
 JAPN-211  Third Level Japanese I (3)  K. Sato
 JAPN-311  Integrative Advanced Japanese I (4)  Y. Mori
 JAPN-334  Media Japanese (3)  Y. Mori
 JAPN-365  Modern Japanese Short Stories (3)  K. Doak
 JAPN-411  Japanese Literature in Film (3)  M. McCaskey
 JAPN-414  Japanese Science Fiction (3)  M. McCaskey
 JAPN-417  Basho’s Travels (3)  M. McCaskey
 JAPN-459  Senior Seminar (3)  K. Doak