Japan-American Society Career Opportunity!

The Japan-America Society of Washington DC is seeking a Program Manager for Japan Bowl and the Japanese Language Public Relations.  The position will be under the direction of the Japan Bowl Director, and the responsibilities are to assist the director in the planning and managing of Japan Bowl.  The successful candidate will be expected to have a strong understanding of English and Japanese and writing skills of both languages (JLPT level N2 or higher), demonstrate leadership, initiative and organizational skills.

The Japan-America Society has a special responsibility to the next generation of Americans, to help them learn about Japan as a country of its language, its history and culture, and its relationship with the United States.  For 25 years, Japan America Society Washington DC has been sponsoring National Japan Bowl.  It is an academic competition that tests the achievements of high school students who are studying the Japanese language and about Japan.  Every year over 250 students and teachers from around the United States participate in Japan Bowl.

Please visit the link below to find the job description: https://jaswdc.org/opportunities/

If you are interested, please send a cover letter & resume to Marc Hitzig, Executive Director at mhitzig@jaswdc.org