Korean – Spring 2015

The following courses will tentatively be offered in Spring 2015:

 Course No.  Course Title  Faculty
 KREN-012  Intensive First Level Korean II (6)  M. Choi and I. Marshall
 KREN-112  Intensive Second Level Korean II (6)  H. Yoo
 KREN-212  Third Level Korean II (3)  H. Yoo
 KREN-307  Introduction to Korean Culture II (3)  M. Choi
 KREN-322  Business Korean II (3)  H. Yoo
 KREN-332  Readings in Korean: Current Affairs II (3)  M. Choi
 KREN-457  Studies on North Korea II (3)  I. Marshall
 KREN-462  Korean Diaspora in NE Asia I (3)  I. Marshall