The Blossoming Spirits: Noh Lecture-Performance

NOH workshop preformance.

11:00 am -12:15 pm, Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Devine Studio Theatre, Davis Performing Arts Center

Experience and learn about the classical Japanese theater of Noh with Kinue Oshima, the first female Noh actor from the Kita School, and her brother Teruhisa Oshima. A full costume performance of “Hashitomi”, a Noh play based on the character Yugao (Moonflower) from The Tale of Genji, combined with demonstrations will provide both insight and enjoyment. The program will include a music & dance excerpt from “Tadanori” and a lecture about the various performance elements of Noh. This program will be presented in Japanese with English translation.


  • Kinue Oshima, Shite-kata Noh performer (Kita School)
  • Teruhisa Oshima, Shite-kata Noh performer (Kita School)
  • Narumi Takizawa, Fue (flute)-kata Noh musician (Isso School)
  • Naoko Takahashi, Kotsuzumi (small hand drums)-kata Noh musician (Okura School)

Presented by Noh Society and Fukuyama Kita Association

Supported by THE TOKYO CLUB, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures &

Department of Performing Arts, Georgetown University


Noh “Tadanori”

Taira no Tadanori, a mighty, well-respected warrior and excellent poet died. Now his spirit lives in a cherry tree. When a traveling monk who once served Fujiwara no Shunzei (the editor of the anthology) slept under the tree, the ghost of Tadanori appeared in his dreams. Tadanori’s poems had been published anonymously in the Senzaishū anthology. He asked the monk to tell Fujiwara no Teika, Shunzei’s son, and also a renowned poet, put his name on it. After showing the scene of his death in the Battle of Ichi-no-tani, the ghost returned to his place under the cherry tree and asked the monk to hold a memorial service for him.

Noh “Hashitomi”

Lady Yūgao was one of the lovers of Hikaru Genji. Although beautiful, Yugao (moon flowers) ended her fragile life and her spirit wandered. A monk, who lived in Kyoto and was in the midst of his summer ascetic training, saw Yugao’s ghost, who appeared and offered him a white flower. The monk followed her into her world and saw her again happily together with Hikaru Genji.